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Du Corona au karuṇā

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Tout le monde parle du coronavirus. Il semble n’y avoir aucun autre sujet de conversation. Les médias ne cessent de diffuser des nouvelles sur le corona.

Le rôle de Sri Gadadhara Pandita dans la Gaudiya sampradaya

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Sur votre site Internet vous dites ceci : « Les oncles de Jiva Goswami – Rupa et Sanatana Goswami –, reçurent la diksha de Gadadhara Pandita, et Jiva Goswami lui-même suivait leur lignée ». Je ne trouve cela nulle part dans notre littérature Vaishnava.

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    You have to understand what is service. It means you do activities for the pleasure of the person you are serving. Service is that your intention is that you want to please the person you serve. It is not that I want to gain something from it. Service itself is its own reward. If you are trying to get something then it is not really service. If it has any other motive then you can say it looks like service, but it is not really.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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