Immersive Therapist (Healing)- Phobia, Anxiety, Stress & PTSD (T.T.C. Program)

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Program Fee: 1299 USD
Duration: 7 Days (5-6 hours of classroom study)
Course + Boarding + Lodging is included
Indian participants are entitled to a 25% discount.

Introducing 7-Days residential immersive healing therapist teachers training program. This course is highly recommended for people interested in venturing into a psychological healing path and also desire to have personal experience with practical exposure and learn in-depth. In-house training gives you a multi-dimensional approach in the form of lectures, practical exposure, live demonstrations and confidence to work as an Immersive Therapist (Healing).

Course Structure

• Immersive healing foundation
• Ayurveda massage practice for mental healthcare
• Behavior Healing Practice
• Yoga therapy for human brain
• Spiritual Psychology for human brain
• Positive psychology for human brain
• Learn using Ayurveda herbs and oils
• Immersive simulations to heal Phobias. PTSD Symptoms & Fears

Why join our In-house courses?

• Customized courses based on your interest and requirements.
• One to one teaching pattern classes conducted in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.
• Expert lectures by highly qualified faculty members.
• Comprehensive training material with practical handouts provided for each course.
• Exposure to real patients in advanced courses.
• Certification after completion of each course.
• Multiple courses facility to join multiple courses at the same time.
• Convenient dates date of starting the course and duration will be as per your convenience.
• Long term relation guidance from our faculty even after completion of the courses.
• Friendly environment supportive & friendly staff/team, facilitating a good work environment.
• Attractive discounts for group training.
• Library facility available.

Special Sessions
• Ayurveda treatment sessions with the Ayurveda consultant.
• VR Immersion healing sessions with the IH consultant.
• Yoga healing therapy sessions with the IH consultant.
• Healing talk therapy / General discussion sessions with the IH consultant.
• Massage therapy sessions with Naturopath consultant.

Special offers for Group training

• We conduct group training at special rates for a group of more than 5 people.
• We also offer special discounts for corporate training

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