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The essence of Ayurveda

This book presents the ancient principles of traditional healing in an accessible, modern format. It is a comprehensive introduction to the core beliefs and theories of Ayurveda, with practical advice to enable you to adopt this philosophy in your daily life. This informative guide includes nutrition and dietary advice for your constitution, daily routines to minimize stress and enhance well-being, methods to gain energy, vitality, and longevity, safe and easy herbal remedies for common ailments, and techniques to maximize mental, physical, and spiritual health. A comprehensive Sanskrit glossary, appendices and tables for easy reference, make this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in natural healing, holistic health, and mind-body harmony.

Author: Dr. Partap Chauhan
Partap Chauhan is an Indian Ayurvedic doctor and the pioneer of online Ayurvedic medicine. He started the world’s first online Ayurvedic clinic,, in the year 1995. Chauhan is the winner of UN’s World Summit Award for his Teledoc project on rural medicine.
He is the founder of Jiva Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic company which offers online, telephonic and personal consultation to patients across the world.


ISBN: 8187153253
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Page count: 260
Publication date: 2000

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    Satyanarayana Dasa
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    If you have ignorance of your own self, then what are you going to do? You are the starting point. First, you have to know who I am and what is my problem? First you have to know what is the disease. The solution is knowledge. Otherwise, you are just beating the air with a stick.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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