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"An insight into the world of home remedies"

The book, the third by Ayurvedacarya Dr. Chauhan, presents an insight into the world of home remedies that can help in curing all sorts of basic health problems.
It contains an alphabetical listing of health conditions and provides details of the best home remedies, diet, and exercises corresponding to each problem.
We have a lot of substances in or around our home, in the kitchen and garden, which can be used as remedies to treat our disorders. Since these remedies can be processed in our kitchen and exist in our home, we call them home remedies or kitchen remedies. An elementary knowledge of home remedies can solve a lot of our health problems. The common things like ginger, licorice, honey, gargling with warm water, drinking warm water, eating a certain diet, fruit or juice sometimes prove more beneficial than the best available medicines.

Author: Dr. Partap Chauhan
Partap Chauhan is an Indian Ayurvedic doctor and the pioneer of online Ayurvedic medicine. He started the world’s first online Ayurvedic clinic,, in the year 1995. Chauhan is the winner of UN’s World Summit Award for his Teledoc project on rural medicine.
He is the founder of Jiva Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic company which offers online, telephonic and personal consultation to patients across the world.


ISBN: 8187153792
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Page count: 180
Publication date: 2010

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